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Condition and correct water for Agriculture and Industry

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Any application

  • Solve scale, corrosion, salinity, pH, TDS, iron bacteria and dozens of other challenges
  • Reduce friction, so less energy to pump more water, more flow, better pressure
  • No consumables, far less downstream maintenance

In Agriculture

  • Reduces water needed for hydration, less drift, more range for pivots
  • Better germination, disease resistance, root structure
  • Improve soil health, soil permeability and water retention
  • Dramatic improvements in crop yield and in water usage

Real users, real results

Fast ROI, year after year

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Magnation water technology – guaranteed.
Condition. Correct. Improve. Conserve. And reduce your use of energy and chemicals.

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"If your water's been fighting with you, talk to Magnation about making it fight for you." -Mike JenzehCofounder, President
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